Jennifer Watters, DC, LAc, DACBSP

Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Sports Medicine


Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the oldest form of medicine practiced today.  The treatment goal is to harmonize the body's energy, called Qi.  In TCM theory, it is the imbalance in Qi that allows external (environmental) influences to act upon the body and cause disease.  

Acupuncture is the usage of very thin guage needles placed at specific locations over the body.  Meridians are pathways that traverse the body and connect all aspects of the body including organs, tissues, mental and spiritual aspects.  Acupuncture points are located on these meridians, and the acupuncture needles are places according to treatment goal.  Every treatment is individually specific as it takes into consideration the phsyical and emotional condition of each patient.

Oriental Medicine includes the various other techniques used to balance Qi and treat disease.  These include:
    Herbal supplements:  Herbal supplements are completely natural supplements comprised of various ingredients that could include items such as leaves, roots, bark or minerals.  Herbal supplements will almost always enhance and support any Acupuncture treatment.  In some cases, herbal supplements are taken for only a few short days, while other conditions may require a longer treatment course.  Herbal supplements should only be taken when directed by a Licensed Acupuncturist or other Doctor.  Although natural, the improper use of Herbal supplements can be harmful to the health.
    Cupping: Cupping, also known as fire cupping, utilizes glass cups placed on the body through suction.  The suction is created with the cup with a match, which when the fire consumes the oxygen within the cup, a vacuum is formed.  The match is withdrawn and the cup is quickly placed on the are for treatment.  Cups may be placed on the body in a stationary location or moved along a specific treatment area.
    Tuina: Tuina is the soft tissue and joint mobilization technique of TCM.  It encompasses various types of strokes and movements to restore proper Qi to an area.

Acupuncture & Oriental medicine can be used alone or in combination with other therapies.  Please notify if you are taking any current medications or under other therapies to minimize any potential counteractions.  Although Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine can treat or assist treatment of any condition, some examples of conditions treated include:

*Pain (muscular)                    *Arthritis                        *Headaches                            *Hypertension
*Post-stroke                          *Post-op                         *Rotator cuff                           *Neuropathy
*PMS                                     *Depression                   *Anxiety                                  *Difficulty sleeping
*Low energy                          *Nausea                        *Common cold                        *Allergies